Raven Hill Discovery Center in East Jordan

Art, science, and history come together with hands-on indoor and outdoor activities and explorations at Raven Hill Discovery Center in East Jordan. Complete with 157 acres in Northern Michigan four miles southeast of East Jordan and is a year 'round educational center.

Raven Hill Discovery Center invites visitors to experience science and technology, history and the arts through hands-on experiences. Visitors might manipulate prisms in a laser beam, climb inside a kaleidoscope, weave on a loom, ride a generator bike to turn on lights, play traditional games like Caroms and Skittles, build sculptures, arches, and towers on a huge magnet table, or play a variety of musical instruments including drums and a marimba. Collections of old-fashioned tools, shells, furs, skulls, and rocks round out the exhibits at Raven Hill and entice explorers of all ages.

At Raven Hill Discovery Center, young children are fascinated by marble rolls, vortexes, and old telephones while older children and adults like the games, such as the Rollway where the challenge is to create a ramp to slow the ball down without stopping it. A slow run can get the builder/s a small prize or even a T-shirt if the run is longer than 30 seconds. There is also a gyrocycle to experience gyroscopic pre session, if the can understand and follow some simple instruction.

Science and learning is fun at Raven Hill Discovery Center. Animals are fun to learn about and at Raven Hill Discovery Center snakes and turtles and just two of the species modern day explorers can learn about. The Animal Room contains a variety of preserved animals and animal parts, including dried sponges, corals, mollusks, crabs and porcupine fish; python skins; horse, deer and peccary skulls; dog skeletons; and taxidermied marlins, sharks, hawks, owls, beavers and squirrels.

Raven Hill Discovery Center's Periodic Room includes a 20' Periodic Table of the Elements with the ores as they come from the earth and products containing specific elements. The noble gases are electrified and light up in their characteristic colors. Artistic interpretations of the Earth's geologic history is the other major exhibit in the Periodic Room. Local artists used their talents to show how the Earth might have looked at various periods in prehistory.

Raven Hill Discovery Center's is a place that visitors explore again and again...there is so much to see and do!

Raven Hill Discovery Center
04737 Fuller Rd
East Jordan, MI 49727

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